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Highlands School

Highlands School

New Y7 student letter

Highlands School welcomes our new Year 7 students

Dear year 6 student,

My name is Mr. Larter and I will be making sure your move from your current school to Highlands School is as smooth as possible.

I expect that you will be feeling both excited and nervous about the upcoming change. That is absolutely normal and to be expected as you prepare to move schools. Many students feel this way every year, but once they join us, they quickly settle and start to think of Highlands as a second home. I hope you are starting to become excited by the many opportunities that await you, from our specialised science labs to our excellent outdoor facilities.

It is my job to work with all of the staff here at school to make sure you enjoy your move to secondary school.

We have four core values that we believe are key to our success. You will often hear us refer to them as our DARE values. DARE stands for determination, aspiration, respect and equality. We do all we can to demonstrate these values in all that we do and we expect you to aim to do the same.

At this time of year I normally try to visit your school to meet you and introduce myself. I am sorry that I will not be able to visit this year. However, I am really looking forward to seeing you as a year 7 student and I know that the staff at school are also really excited. I know you will bring energy and enthusiasm to our school community and we really value that.

I have included a small fact-finding activity for you (see below). This is to help you learn more about Highlands and you can use our website to help you find the answers. Please don’t worry if you cannot find the answers. When school opens we will work with you to make sure that you know everything you need to. You do not need to remember anything.

In July I will be in touch again to share a virtual tour of our school with you to help you familiarise yourself with the school even more.

I hope you are as excited about joining us as we are. We are really looking forward to meeting you!

Kind regards,

Mr. Larter