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Empowered women in STEM

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Congratulations to Shreya Deb and Eleanor McHale for earning an exclusive opportunity to be a part of The Empowered Females in STEM Programme!

Both Shreya and Eleanor will be on their way to being mentored by senior female scientists and directors from several global STEM companies such as Pfizer, BP, Dyson, Colt, AWS (Amazon) and UCB. This four-month programme is completely free of charge and launches in November 2023 in London.

The programme:

  • Prepares young females’ employability skills for the start of their STEM careers.

  • Enables young females to network with global STEM employers in-person and online.

  • Increases the self-efficacy of young females in STEM.

  • Empowers young females to be valued members and bold leaders of the STEM community.

Both students had a fantastic experience at the launch of the Empowered Women In STEM Programme which took place in November. Here is what Eleanor had to say.

'Last Friday, Shreya and I attended the 'Empowered Women In STEM' launch event held at the BP office head office. The day started - to our delight - with complimentary pastries and coffee. We were then given an inspiring talk by BP's VP of Digital Disciplines, Joanne Legge, about her successful 33 year career that followed a less typical route, by starting with an apprenticeship. The day continued with networking and team building activities in the teams that we will be working with to complete our STEM projects. Over the course of 4 months, we will be working on a roll-out scheme for the Ebola vaccine.The afternoon consisted of a panel discussion with representatives from Pfizer, Dyson and Colt. Kasia Dragun (a vibration engineer) at Dyson spoke about silencing motors by making them quieter for dog and human interpretation of sound. One of Pfizer's Study Start-up Directors, Poonam Ahluwalia, spoke about her role in coordinating global clinical trials for oncology drugs. Overall, it was a valuable experience, getting to network with experts in their fields and learning about the wide range of lesser known STEM careers. We are both excited to continue with the programme and look forward to lectures and meetings with our mentors.'