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Phillips 66 - STEM workshop

STEM and Business Enterprise Career Insight workshop

Our school recently hosted a dynamic careers workshop, graciously conducted by Phillips 66, tailored for 45 of our enthusiastic year 12 students.

With a legacy spanning over 65 years in the UK energy sector, Phillips 66 stands as a cornerstone provider. Embracing values of safety, honour, and commitment, they are dedicated to enhancing lives by ensuring access to vital energy resources, contributing to an elevated standard of living and global health. Their focus on refining, commercial, and marketing operations underscores their commitment to these principles.

The workshop was a fantastic opportunity for our students to engage with a panel of accomplished speakers, each with diverse career trajectories and backgrounds:

● Imogen Burke: Associate HRBP, Human Resources

● Blaid Raybould: Supply Optimization Manager, European Marketing

● Polly King: LPG Trader, Commercial

● Steve Jackson: Business Development Lead, European Marketing.

It was inspiring to witness our students actively participating, posing insightful questions to the panel. The speakers generously shared their individual career paths, educational backgrounds, and invaluable insights on pursuing opportunities within the STEM industry. Their guidance and tips on job seeking in this field were particularly enlightening.

The feedback from the speakers was super positive of our students. Polly said 'Genuinely the team of us who came were bowled over by their enthusiasm and motivation. It's an absolute pleasure to do things like this for kids who clearly benefit from it. Some of the questions they were asking me about trading were really in depth about geopolitics, the Middle East etc., which is testament to their teachers!'