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MFL Competition Success

Congratulations to the following students for winning a certificate for excellence at the “speak to me” inter-school competition for MFL on 4th July 2018.  

Well done for the outstanding work done in preparing, learning and acting out the dialogues with accuracy, enthusiasm and originality in the target language.

Amara Anglin Yr 9 French
Anastasia Chrysantou  Yr 7 Spanish
Julia Spagnoli  Yr 7 Spanish
Augusto D’Agostino Yr 9  French
Bianca D’Agostino  Yr 7 French
Rosina D’Agostino Yr 7  French
Molly Gill  Yr 8  Spanish
Erin Ginty  Yr 8 Spanish
Hannah Griffith Yr 9  Spanish
Lorena Navea  Yr 9 Spanish
Sanjana Persand  Yr 8 French
Alan Petritaj  Yr 8 French