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Mobile Phone Policy

Please read our new mobile phone policy, which came into effect on Wednesday 5th September.


Highlands School Mobile Phones Policy

Students in Years 7-11

Mobile phones are not to be seen or used from the time students arrive at school in the morning until the time they leave the school site at the end of the day.  This includes break and lunchtime.  If a student’s mobile phone is used, seen or heard during these times it will be confiscated.

Confiscated phones will be stored in the School Office. The first time in an academic year a student’s phone is confiscated it can be collected from the office by the student after 3:45pm, the same day.

If a student has a phone confiscated more than once in an academic year the phone will only be returned, after 3:45pm, to a parent or carer. Phones will not be returned to brothers, sisters or friends. Only SLT can authorise the return of a mobile phone. Students should not be rude or disrespectful to the School Office staff in an attempt to get their phone back. If students are rude to staff in an attempt to have their phones returned, they will be sanctioned in accordance with the school’s behaviour policy.

If a student has a mobile phone confiscated on more than two occasions in an academic year, the school may impose more serious sanctions or hold the phone for a longer period of time which will be determined by a member of the SLT.

If a student refuses to give their phone to a member of staff when asked it will be treated as an act of defiance and the student will be sanctioned in line with school policies.

Mobile phones must not be used to contact parents/carers from the time students arrive at school in the morning until they leave the school site at the end of the day. In an emergency, the School will allow students to use the School Office phone to contact parents/carers.

Parents/carers should not contact students on their mobile phones during school hours (8.40-3.25).  Urgent messages can be relayed to students via the school office.

The school accepts no liability for loss of or damage to the phone whilst on school premises or at any activity organised by the School. The phone is, at all times, the responsibility of the student.

Whilst students are in school uniform (for example, on the way to and from school) mobile phones must not be used for taking photographs/video without the permission of the subject or be involved in cyber bullying or inappropriate communications. The school considers students to be in school uniform even if ties / blazers etc. are removed or if the uniform is covered with a coat, jumper or other clothing.

The school reserves the right to take action against students involved in any instances of cyber bullying if the bullying causes disruption to the running of the school or distress to students.


Students in Years 12-13

Students in the Highlands Sixth Form should have their mobile phones turned off and out of sight when on the school site. However, they may be used in the Sixth Form common room during break and lunch times. Sixth Form students who use their phone elsewhere in the school will have it confiscated. It can be collected from the office at the end of the day. Repeated instances of non-compliance with this policy will be dealt with on an individual basis.



Headphones are subject to the same rules as mobile phones.


Smart Watches

If smart watches are used for communication purposes, they will be confiscated in line with the policy. 


Vincent McInerney