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Art Trip

Art trip to the National Portrait Gallery and National Gallery.

The annual GCSE and A/Level Art Trip took place on Friday 21st September 2018. This year we took 56 students to see the BP Portrait Awards and Michael Jackson Exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery. We also managed to squeeze in a gallery tour at the National Gallery where students were involved in viewing and discussing famous still life paintings, including Van Gogh’s flowers, with curators from the gallery. Using a worksheet, students analysed a chosen artwork and produced a drawing based on their favourite piece. It was great to see students inspired by the range of different artwork exhibited at the galleries.

We had some very positive comments from both staff and members of the public including:

“Your students are fantastic, they are so well behaved!”

“My students saw yours’ working so beautifully and then sat down and joined them….they would never had done that on their own!”

Mrs McCalmont