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Holocaust Survivor Talk

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and the death of Anne Frank, whose diary Year 8 are currently studying.

On Monday the 3rd of February, Year 8 had the honour of hearing from Mr Bernd Koschland MBE, a holocaust Survivor.

After meeting with members of the Year 12 A Level History students who had visited Auschwitz in 2019, and Max Bundle from the Year 13 senior leadership team, Mr Koschland, spoke for nearly 45 minutes on his experiences of Nazi Germany.  

Year 8s were kind, respectful and considerate to Mr Koschland throughout. Demonstrating the D.A.R.E values that are the cornerstone of the school.

Since the talk on Monday, students have been discussing Mr Koschland and the dreams and choices both he and Anne Frank had and forged because of WW2.

It is clear, that the Year 8s took a lot from the talk as indeed Mr Koschland did. Pausing to say as he was leaving, that he wished me to pass on his thanks to both students, teachers and parents at the warm welcome he had received and the wonderful attentive manor he was listened to.

Ms Taylor