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Curriculum intent

For students to understand the powerful knowledge of what entrepreneurship means and how the different functional areas operate within an organisation. Studying either the Tech Award, GCSE Business or Extended Diploma students are able to assess and analyse how different functional areas impact the performance of a business and how external factors also influence a businesses performance to be successful. 

The teaching delivery of the Tech Award is split into three areas such as; Component 1, Component 2 and Component 3. Component 1 allows students to understand the basic business terms by being able to compare the differences between ownerships, aims, structures and purposes. Students will then develop this knowledge in Component 3 where they will identify different promotional methods to help support businesses to gain awareness and attract customers. In addition to marketing , students will also learn about the financial side of running a business by being able to calculate businesses incomes and outcomes and how to ensure a  business maintains a good cash flow forecast and survives. Towards the end of the course students will be delivered Component 2 where they will use their knowledge of component 1 and component 3 and create their own business idea, purpose, aims, market research, promotional methods, financial forecasts and pitch their business idea to a group of potential investors. This component really brings all the components together where you can assess students' performance and understanding of what is needed to set up a successful business. 

Exam board: GCSE: Pearson BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise.

A Level: Pearson BTEC Extended Diploma in Business.

Key Stage 4 - Enterprise Level 1/2 Tech Awards

Year 10

Component 1: Exploring Enterprises

Year 10 / 11

Component 3: Marketing and Finance for Enterprise

Year 11

Component 2: Planning and Presenting a Micro-Enterprise Idea

Key Stage 4 - GCSE Business Edexcel

Year 10

Theme 1: Investigating a small business

1.1 Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

1.2 Spotting a business opportunity

1.3 Putting a business idea into practice

1.4 Making the business effective

1.5 Understanding external influences on business

Theme 2: Building a business

2.1 Growing the business

Year 11

Theme 2: Building a business

2.2 Making marketing decisions

2.3 Making operational decisions

2.4 Making financial decisions

2.5 Making human resource decisions.


Key Stage 5

Year 12

Unit 1 Exploring Business

Unit 2 Developing a Marketing campaign *exam

Unit 3 Personal and Business Finance * exam

Unit 4 Managing an Event

Unit 5 International Business

Unit 8 Recruitment and Selection

Unit 27 Work Experience in Business

Year 13

Unit 6 Principles of management * exam

Unit 7 Business Decision Making * exam

Unit 14 Investigating Customer Services

Unit 16 – Visual merchandising

Unit 19 Pitching for a new Business

Unit 21 Training and Development