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The Highlands School curriculum aims to provide students with the very best knowledge that each subject can offer, whether it is learning about Cicero’s dispute with Catiline in Rome or considering the Machiavellian qualities of Lady Macbeth’s character. Therefore, Highlands School’s curriculum is both broad and academically rigorous. 

The curriculum is carefully sequenced to ensure that students’ understanding of key concepts and skills are built over their time at Highlands. This knowledge is taught to the students by a pedagogical approach that is based upon the latest findings of cognitive science. This ensures that students do not simply encounter, but master new knowledge over the long term. Mathematics, for example, uses the Complete Maths curriculum which allows students to navigate and master the interconnected ‘universe of mathematical ideas.’ The impressive levels of progress made by students bears testament to the effectiveness of the school’s curriculum.

Our curriculum is constantly being reviewed and improved and offers students the chance to experience the very best knowledge each subject has to offer, a chance to master this knowledge, and a chance to fully appreciate the various academic disciplines before making their GCSE, BTEC and A Level choices. In this way, our curriculum produces knowledgeable and well-rounded students who will excel in life beyond the classroom.

Curriculum intent

The knowledge and skills delivered to Highlands School’s students:

  • is carefully sequenced
  • is knowledge rich, promotes skills and leads to secure understanding 
  • develops our values (DARE) and good character in our students
  • prepares students for life
  • teaches students to understand and contribute to society and the world
  • provides opportunities, enrichment and memorable experiences 
  • is challenging and meets the needs of all learners

Curriculum principles

In order to achieve the above curriculum is guided by six key principles.

  • It ensures that every student is able to access learning in a deep and meaningful way
  • It challenges all students
  • It delivers powerful knowledge to all students
  • It delivers disciplinary knowledge to all students and, in so doing, clarify each subject’s relationship with real world practice
  • It is sequenced as a narrative
  • It is informed by the findings of cognitive science

Curriculum improvement, 2020 - 2021

At Highlands we believe that the curriculum is never ‘finished’. We seek to refine the knowledge in our curriculum, as well as the manner in which this knowledge is delivered to our students. Over the course of 2020 to 2021 we have embarked on a thorough curriculum review in order to ensure that each subject’s curriculum is based upon the school’s curriculum principles and values.