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Dress code

Highlands is a school with a uniform for younger students and a formal dress code for the adults who work in the building. The dress code for sixth form students is designed to complement this, whilst allowing you to have some control over what to wear each day.

You are required to wear smart casual clothing as would be acceptable in an office environment and which recognises that we are a multicultural and multifaith school. Students are expected to wear smart casual trousers or a skirt/dress of reasonable length with a shirt, blouse, polo or t-shirt, a jumper or cardigan if required and appropriate footwear.

Students should dress smartly for a learning environment. This includes the following items: 

  • Smart casual trousers or skirt (just above the knee) 

  • Shirt, blouse, polo or t-shirt

  • Jumper or cardigan 

  • Smart jeans/ chinos (no cuffed trousers) 

  • Business shoes / smart trainers. 

  • Lanyard 

The following items are not part of the uniform policy:

  • Jogging /sports bottoms (including straight leg/flared) 

  • Leggings including flared leggings 

  • Ripped jeans

  • Cropped tops

  • Shorts

  • Revealing tops / vest tops

  • Matching lounge wear/matching tracksuit sets

  • Hats or headwear 

  • Coats/jackets inside the building

  • Any other item that is deemed inappropriate to be worn in school

These guidelines cannot be completely exhaustive and deal with every possible alternative, but we expect that the spirit and tone of this code is observed. Students who do not follow these guidelines will be asked to make amendments and in extreme cases may be sent home with a note to parents.

Caring for your appearance and developing knowledge of what is or is not appropriate for different occasions is an important part of education and will be a valuable asset in any future career.