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Live Lessons

Since the start of term teachers have been able to teach live lessons to all year groups, where appropriate.  Although there is not a strong evidence base to suggest that live lessons are more effective than pre-recorded lessons, we are aware that student well being can be positively affected when they interact with their teacher.  For this reason the amount of live teaching has increased and will continue to do so.  Please note that not all staff are in a position to always deliver live lessons. 

Whether the lesson is live or uploaded, your child will be provided with high quality direct instruction at the time the lesson would normally be scheduled to take place.  Any live lessons will be recorded and shared on Google classroom for your child to access should they not be able to access them at the time of delivery.  If a teacher chooses to do a live lesson they will notify your child by email the night before the lesson is due to take place. This will give your child a chance to prepare themselves with the appropriate technology.

Live lesson protocol:

If your child  is attending a live lesson they must ensure that they follow the expectations below.  If they do not follow these expectations they may be removed from the lesson by the teacher.

  • Students should be appropriately dressed (eg - no nightwear).

  • Students should have cameras turned off at all times. 

  • Students should behave appropriately, following the school’s behaviour policy. 

  • Students’ microphones should remain muted from the start of the lesson and only switched on if instructed by the teacher.

  • The chat feature should only be used if instructed by the class teacher.