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Highlands School

Highlands School


At Highlands you will study many aspects of Maths such as algebra, ratio and proportion, geometry, statistics and probability and you will be taught how to solve problems in a variety of Mathematical contexts. Maths lessons will allow you to develop your analytical, research and problem solving skills whether it be tackling mechanical problems, decoding messages, writing algorithms, planning a project or balancing your budget.

During your years at Highlands you will learn a set of core competencies in Maths each year and be assessed on these each half term so you will know you are on track to meet your target grade.

A good qualification in Maths will be useful if you wish to pursue a career in accounting and finance, banking, construction and engineering, graphic design, computer programming and of course teaching. Maths is also useful when studying other subjects such as Science, Geography, Design and Technology, ICT and Business and Economics, which all use various elements of Maths in some way.