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Choices in years 9, 10 and 11

Students follow a broad curriculum at Highlands and during years 7 and 8 of key stage 3, all subjects are compulsory. From year 9, students are able to make some option choices to personalise their curriculum.

In the spring term of year 8 we ask students about the subjects they would like to take in year 9, 10 and 11 as options.

These option subjects are completed either at the end of year 10 or year 11.

Students choose one option to take over years 9 and 10 and three options to take over years 10 and 11, all of which all lead to external qualifications, such as GCSEs or BTECs. 

One of the options in year 9 and 10 is selected from a range of subjects. The choice widens further for year 10 and 11.

We expect students to follow the English Baccalaureate. This means studying to GCSE:

  • English, maths and science.

  • A modern foreign language (French or Spanish).

  • Geography or history.

We encourage students to take one subject from each of the faculties of arts, humanities, and design and technology where possible. We do allow a minority of students to be an exception and to double up in one of the faculty areas if we are convinced that it is in that student’s best interest.

As you would expect, we only run a subject if a viable number of students choose it.

In spring of year 9, students are asked to reconfirm their final option subjects for year 10 and 11.

Please click on the Options booklet 2023 link below for more information.