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Pastoral contacts

Who to contact?

We are here to support all members of the school community. Should the need arise to contact the school for any reason, the best way to do this is by emailing postbox@highlearn.uk. Your email will be forwarded to the correct contact. Pastoral matters should be addressed to the relevant head of year and academic matters should be addressed to the relevant subject lead. If the matter is more serious, and you would like to contact the headteacher, Mr McInerney, please note that your enquiry may be directed to the relevant member of the senior leadership team.

From September 2023

  • Year 7 - Ms Berrill (head of year) or Ms Forshaw (behaviour mentor).

  • Year 8 - Mr Savvides (head of year) or Ms Brown (behaviour mentor).

  • Year 9 - Ms Halstead (head of year) or Mr O'Doherty (behaviour mentor)

  • Year 10 - Ms Halstead (head of year) or Mr Annunziato (behaviour mentor).

  • Year 11 - Mr Joseph (head of year) or Ms O'Sullivan (behaviour mentor)

  • Year 12 - Ms Simons (head of year) or Ms Gunning (pastoral support)

  • Year 13 - Ms Halil (head of year) or Ms Gunning (pastoral support)