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Pastoral Provision

Key principles for pastoral provision:

  • The school will be open for students who are in the vulnerable category as defined by the DfE, and for the children of key worker parents.
  • Mentoring and counselling for the most vulnerable students will take place virtually.
  • Safeguarding systems will be in place.
  • Heads of year will oversee the pastoral needs of their year group during remote learning. 
  • Form tutors will conduct phone call welfare checks on students in their tutor groups.

Tutor phone calls:

  • Tutors will carry out welfare phone calls to all members of their tutor groups.
  • Parents/carers should expect a phone call approximately once every three weeks.
  • During the call the form tutor will ask to speak to the student.
  • Parent/carers and students can request a phone call from their form tutor or head of year by emailing the form tutor or head of year directly, or by emailing staysafe@highlearn.uk 


  • The weekly assembly will be uploaded to each tutor group’s Google classroom and students will be expected to engage with this.

PSHE (personal, social, health and economic education)

  • On Wednesday 20th January we launched a PSHE curriculum. These lessons will be uploaded every Wednesday morning and students should complete this work on a Wednesday as this is the day when all students have tutor time. 

Year group support 

  • Heads of year will check in and communicate with their year groups via Google classroom.
  • Students can email their form tutors or heads of year for support.
  • Heads of year will schedule virtual drop in sessions twice a week for students to have some pastoral time with their head of year and others students in the year group. Although these sessions are optional, we encourage students to attend for well-being purposes. 
  • Head of year contact names and email addresses can be found in the above section on remote learning. 

Vulnerable student and key worker on-site provision.

  • We will be offering in school provision for children to meet the DfE criteria of vulnerable and the children of key worker parents. If your child meets either of these criteria and they cannot be cared for at home, please email jesuthasanc@highlearn.uk. Parents/carers should not send their child into school if they have not booked a place in advance. 

School counselling

  • The school counsellor will move all counselling appointments to video or phone call appointments. 
  • Students who are not currently seen by the school counsellor, but would like the support of  our counsellor should email staysafe@highlearn.uk 


  • Key workers will offer virtual mentoring sessions for students on their caseload.

Free school meal students 

  • Families eligible for free school meals should complete this survey if they would like to order a packed lunch for collection. 


  • There will be a safeguarding team available each day.

Our staysafe@highlearn.uk  email address will be checked throughout the day. Students and parents/carers can use this email address for any safeguarding or welfare concerns.