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Pastoral support

Highlands Sixth Form recognises that pastoral support is imperative to achieve academic excellence. We support the wellbeing of our sixth form students in the following ways:  

  • Each year group in the sixth form has a dedicated head of year. We also have an assistant head of year and two senior leaders. This team has oversight of behaviour and wellbeing and is responsible for referring students to additional support services if necessary.

  • Year 12 and 13 have an experienced team of tutors who can support students.

  • Students have mentoring sessions during form time which enable them to discuss academic and pastoral issues with their tutors.

  • Students who require extra pastoral support are placed on one of eleven possible pastoral support programmes. 

  • Students have access to the wellbeing room which is staffed by a trained professional.

  • Students have access to the school counsellor.

  • Students also have key pastoral mentors should they require further pastoral support.

  • Students have access to the stay safe email address 

Ofsted July 2021 ‘staff are vigilant and responsive to pupils’ welfare needs’.