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Safeguarding students is central to everything we do at Highlands School. We are committed to ensuring that students are safe, cared for and taught how to keep themselves and others safe. We are alert to the signs of abuse and neglect and follow our procedures to ensure that students receive effective support and protection.

The school aims to ensure that the following is in place.

  •  Appropriate action is taken promptly to safeguard and promote student welfare.

  • All staff are aware of their statutory responsibilities concerning safeguarding.

  • Staff are properly trained in recognising and reporting safeguarding issues.

To read our Safeguarding policy, click here.

To read our Anti-bullying policy, click here.

If you are ever concerned about a student's wellbeing or need to report a safeguarding issue, please contact Highlands School on 020 8370 1100 or email staysafe@highlearn.uk

If a student is in immediate danger, please contact the police on 999