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School uniform

 School uniform expectations from September 2023

School uniform is an important part of our high standards and expectations.

Years 7 to 11
Black smart shoes (not canvas, trainers or boots - see below)
Black socks or plain black tights
Plain black trousers or black kilt skirt (no jeans style trousers/jeggings/chinos/tight fit)
White school shirt worn with school tie or white open neck blouse (long or short sleeves)
School tie (if wearing a buttoned up shirt)
Green blazer (with school badge)
V necked green jumper (optional)
Black or green headscarves worn for religious reasons

Notes - Blazers must be worn at all times in the school building unless otherwise advised by the Headteacher.


The following rules also apply to our school uniform:

  • Trousers must be a traditional tailored style. Tight/stretch style trousers or jeans-related are not permitted.

  • Skirts must be worn of modest length, just above the knee.

  • Blazer sleeves must not be rolled up.

  • Shirts should be fully buttoned and tucked into trousers

  • Ties must be neatly knotted and worn to the waist

  • Visible t-shirts under the white school shirt are not permitted (a white non-visible t-shirt is permitted).

  • Hats and caps should not be worn, unless for religious purposes.

  • Headscarves worn for religious reasons should be black or green.

  • Only black trouser belts are permitted.

  • Hats, hoodies and any other non-uniform items or outdoor garments must not be worn in the building at any time.

  • Blazers must always be worn when moving around the school building unless otherwise advised by the headteacher.

  • Shoes with brightly/different coloured laces are not permitted (only black permitted).

Hair, make-up and jewellery

  • Subtle make-up may be worn. Subtle make-up means foundation or face powder.

  • Eye make-up, false eyelashes, lipstick and lip gloss are not permitted.

  • Jewellery is not permitted apart from one stud earring in each ear. Religious symbols (if required) can be worn on a chain inside a blouse/shirt. No rings, bracelets or non-religious chains are permitted. 

  • Nose studs and nose rings are not permitted. 

  • Extreme hairstyles, brightly coloured hair (e.g. pink, blue, green), shavings, and tracks (including eyebrows) are not permitted. Any dyed hair should be a natural colour and style. 

  • Nail extensions, and coloured nail varnish are not permitted.

PE uniform

All PE kit items must be Highlands School specific items and not branded or generic sportswear. Students are expected to only wear a full PE kit that has been purchased from our suppliers Uniform4Kids or Smiths Schoolwear.

Students in years 7-10 should wear their PE kit to school on the days that they have PE.

Students in year 11 should bring their PE kit to school in a bag on PE days. They will change into their PE kit in the changing rooms.

  • Highlands school PE hoodie

  • Highlands school PE t-shirt

  • Highlands rugby shirt (optional)

  • Highlands school black tracksuit bottoms

  • Highlands black shorts / black skirt / skort

  • Highlands black sports leggings

  • Highlands school black rugby socks outdoor lessons or plain white socks indoor lessons

  • Shin pads (optional for girls)

  • Non-marking trainers

  • Football boots for lessons on the field (winter period only and optional for girls)

Uniform Suppliers

Smiths Schoolwear


(Lyons School Shop)

25 Station Parade

Cockfosters Road



020 8363 2424

242 Hertford Rd


EN3 5BL 

020 8804 3627

School uniform price list  School uniform price list