Friday 12th February

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Welcome from the headteacher

HPFA Comedy and Auction Night

Saturday 27th February 2016. Please see below for details:

HPFA Comedy and Auction Night Poster

NSPCC Auction and Raffle

Applications to join our large and successful Sixth Form are now open.

Please click here for the application form and course guide.


Last term, Year 8 and 9 girls took part in a national engineering competition called TALENT 2030. Their task was to design a solution to a 21st century problem. They conducted research into problems such as the need for renewable energy sources and treatments for diseases such as cancer and dementia.

The science department are pleased to announce that one  group’s entry was shortlisted in the top 15 from around the country, and have moved onto the next stage in the competition. They designed an energy-storing microchip that converts energy from squashing or pressing the chip into chemical energy that can later be used to provide power for lighting and other electrical appliances.

The girls will present their project at the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham on Saturday 19th March 2016.

Well done Roisin Dundon, Aisha Johnson-Witter, Caitlin Murray and Emma Quille and all the girls that took part in the competition!

There will be another chance to get involved in October next year!

From the Autumn term 2015 targets and attainment grades are expressed in the new 1 to 9 grades.

The new KS2-KS4 Progress Pathway

The new KS3-KS4 Grades 1-9 at Highlands. Frequently Asked Questions (FAO).

This half term Year 13 Drama and Theatre Studies have been off in search of Shakespeare. They started by seeing the latest production of ‘Macbeth’ at the Young Vic which proved to be a atmospheric and visually spectacular evening. They have supported their studies by visiting the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-Upon –Avon to develop their understanding of what theatre was like when Shakespeare was alive. We hope that both these trips will enable them to develop their work in preparation for their final exams in June.

Last year we saw the first ever Highlands School Company perform their own piece of devised work called ‘Lost Property’. The Company is coming back this year – so watch out for the posters around school. Entry is by audition only and EVERYONE is welcome. Performances will be in Arts Week in the Summer term.

Make a fresh start without starting over

Please contact us beforehand, but if unable to do so, we are running a Train to Teach event for School Direct and Returning Teachers on Wednesday 16th March 2016 at Highlands School, 148 Worlds End Lane, N21 1QQ from 6-8 p.m. See poster below for further details: 

Let Highlands School help you return to teaching

Highlands is the lead school in the Pan Enfield Alliance offering school based placements to graduates training to become teachers.

Please see our link

Year 11 Highlands School students have been in court – fortunately not for breaking the law but during a visit to the Royal Courts of Justice. The trip was organised by the Citizenship Department to support the students’ understanding of the UK legal system. The main activity saw students taking on the role of judges, the prosecution, witnesses, the defence and the jury as they re-enacted historical legal cases. The visit proved a success, with some students expressing interest in a legal career in the future.

Change Week

3rd Party Lets

3rd Party Lets

Facilities available now

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  • - Music, Drama and Dance
  • - Parties, functions and events

Please contact Kris Barnett on:
020 8370 1122 or or click HERE to go to the website.