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Highlands School

Highlands School

Headteacher Awards

​Congratulations to students who have been awarded for their achievements:

Nour Hassan, Tanya Mehmet, Ruby Horn, Kyrian Keliris and Farah Redif. 

Nour Hassan: For outstanding effort and dedication. Excellent development of ideas and techniques for her personal investigation project.

Tanya Mehmet: For outstanding effort and dedication. Excellent response to teacher feedback, working towards achieving higher than her target grade.

Ruby Horn, Kyrian Keliris and Farah Redif: For excellent work in Art.

Kerem Nizam

For significant improvement in behaviour and work ethic.

Mauritius Jugurnauth, Hannah Griffith and Jonah Annett. 

For representing the school in the European Maths Challenge 2018.

Jessica Pidgeon 

For a huge improvement in effort in school.

Benjamin Watt 

For getting a further England call up so he will have represented his country four times.

Andreas Nicolas 

For an outstanding attitude to school sport and PE, along with his continued willingness to help other people. 

Owen Edwards 

For achieving a 9 in his GCSE music exam.  

Holly Miller 

For achieving the highest mark in Year 7 for the music base line test.

Rosie Umenyiora 

For making the Middlesex Netball squad.

Margot Farnes and Naomi Rawding 

For making the Middlesex schools FA U14 Girls representative squad.

Ruby Donegan 

For conscientious efforts put into homework and classwork.

Jessica Biggins and Amelia Godfrey 

For their excellent efforts recently in their lessons.

Mia Pusztai, Selina Ramadan, Melisa Ince, Imogen Bagulay, Margot Farnes, Mya Patel, Kate Rogers, Ella Klewin and Denzel Quainoo. 

For outstanding work produced for Languages Week.

Ines Britton, Aliyah Stewart and Lucy Rawding. 

For outstanding effort and progress in maths this half term.

Georgina Zacharia 

For outstanding effort and determination.

Sara Kurtaj 

For showing leadership and helping others.

Weronika Grzelka and Laveen Omar 

They have worked together in their own time to create a revision poster on Sikhism that is of a very high standard.  It was not a set homework and demonstrates initiative and an excellent work ethic.

Luca Bocchetti, Jack Jones and Teddy Mansfield. 

For being selected for the prestigious London Irish RFC Academy Developing Player Programme for Middlesex, Hampshire and Berkshire at U14 level.


Oliver Francis 

For persistent effort and resilience in Year 8, including a very positive interim report.

Kaci Franks-Hargraves and Alara Bayram 

For kindness to a younger student who was upset. 

Sophie Moran and Joshun Salih 

Sophie and Joshun gave a presentation to over 60 students and parents on the GCSE History Evening. They shared their tips for success, based on their experiences as high achieving students last year. Their advice was well received and will hopefully inspire this year’s cohort to work just as hard.


Eray Deveci 

Eray has made an excellent start in Year 10, throwing himself into our English lessons and always eager to participate in discussion and role-playing activities.

Well done on a fantastic start to the year, Eray!

Arthur Shehu 

For trying really hard since the beginning of the term.

Alex Komodromos, Isabel Davies, Imogen Smith and Adrian Setoudeh. 

Alex had a target grade of 2 in GCSE Geography. He took the exam early (Year 10) and achieved a Grade 5 (3 times above his target).

Isabel had a target grade of 6 in GCSE Geography. She took the exam early (Year 10) and achieved a Grade 9 (3 times above her target and in the top results in the country).

Imogen had a target grade of 5 in GCSE Geography. She took the exam early (Year 10) and achieved a Grade 8 (3 times above her target and in the top results in the country).

Adrian joined GCSE Geography a year into the course. Despite missing over half the content and taking the exam early (Year 10) he achieved a Grade 6 (3 times above his target grade).

Hannah Porter, Juliette Taaffe, Georgio Chrysostomou and Nicholas Papanicolaou.

These students achieved grade 9 or A* grades in all their year 10 GCSEs, which included: art, resistant materials, history, drama, textiles and PE.